How to Prepare Attic For Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation is a quick and cost-effective way for insulation in Cincinnati homes, yet to maximize its potential, preparation must take place beforehand for optimal results.

Note that attic ventilation by external soffit vents and exhaust fans is essential in providing fresh air into an attic and expelling stale, moisture-filled air out. Avoid blocking these with insulation!

Prepare Attic For Blown-in Insulation

Remove All Debris

When it comes to preparing your attic for blown-in insulation, one of the most crucial steps you can take is clearing away all debris that has accumulated over time. This includes anything stored inside and any animal droppings such as those from rats, squirrels, or birds/bats as these could contain disease-causing germs that need to be cleaned away before installation of insulation.

Waste of this sort should be properly disposed of, using a vacuum with a HEPA filter ideally.

Wearing a dust mask when working in the attic is also recommended to help avoid respiratory irritation and maintain overall comfort levels.

Clean the Attic Floor

Blown-in cellulose insulation offers an economical and eco-friendly solution to enhance the comfort of your home. While blown-in insulation is often installed in homes that lack sufficient insulation, for optimal results it must first be prepared correctly in your attic space.

Clean the area thoroughly of any debris, rodent nests, and spider webs likely to remain after the insulation of your attic is complete. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or dust mask are ideal tool for this task.

Notably, taking this opportunity to inspect your attic for signs of water damage is also wise. Address any concerns quickly to minimize future moisture issues in your attic and protect insulation accordingly. Placing plywood over areas of concern could help protect insulation while also helping avoid future moisture issues in your space. To this end, cleaning the attic floor is the most important step in preparing the attic for blown-in insulation.

Remove All Items from the Attic

Before installing blown-in insulation, all items in your attic, whether there for storage purposes or left by previous occupants, must be cleared away to perform an in-depth inspection of the area and search for signs of rodent and insect activity (excrement on boxes), gaps or slivers of daylight that permit sunlight into your attic, and mold. If these indicators are discovered, contact a pest control service immediately so they can treat this space and eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Cluttered attics provide ideal nesting grounds for small creatures such as mice. By sorting items into piles-keep, donate or discard-you can reduce their interest in nesting there. Furthermore, thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming the floor before continuing will remove dust, and cobwebs and make it easier to find holes left by wildlife.

Clear a Path for the Installers

Before preparing the attic for Insulation installation crews need a clear path to complete their task effectively, meaning any items stored in your attic should be temporarily moved elsewhere – this way insulating material won’t end up getting in between keepsakes, family photos, or anything else you might have stored up there!

If the attic access is through stairs, it would be prudent to remove any rugs or other tripping hazards from them for your children and pet’s safety as well as that of insulation team members who will climb those steps to reach the attic.

On installation day, your insulation company will arrive in a truck equipped with machinery that blows cellulose into your attic through tubes. They may wear protective gear during this process and should not have children or animals roaming free in your attic while they work on your home.

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